About Us

Our Mission

World Cup Coffee strives to give the best coffee with the best service to our customers.

Our Story

World Cup Coffee began in 1985 when Don Welch bought a small company then known as Diversified Refreshment Systems. Service was the focus since coffee and allied products were a commodity at the lowest price. Don differentiated the company by the level of service we gave our clients and trained the staff to be professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Dan Welch began working for his father in 1987 to learn all aspects of the industry and how to operate a small business. The coffee industry was in a state of rapid change with new equipment and quality specialty coffees being introduced. World Cup embraced this change and was poised to innovate the Portland market.

In 1993, Don and Dan began to roast coffee under the World Cup brand name. We wanted to celebrate the beverage of coffee being the second most consumed beverage in the world (water being first) as the “World’s Cup” of choice. With the help of industry classes, friend’s opinions, and lots of mistakes we offered up our coffees to the office market. It was an instant success. The quality and fresh flavors that World Cup introduced paired with the superior level of service were well received.

There was a public call for our coffee and we answered by opening our first retail shop in 1999. Located at NW 18th and Glisan, we began serving espresso-based beverages as they were meant to be crafted. We received notice in USA Today that we were one of the Top 10 coffee shops in the country. Having a retail presence gave World Cup a public face to the company and the public gave plenty of praise to what was served.

There were many successes and challenges along the way. We celebrated our success and the challenges only made World Cup better. The introduction of new faces to the company brought new ideas. Continuing education to improve our product created new offerings for our customers. During these decades of changes, we maintained our focus on service and product quality at a price our customers appreciated. That is what makes choosing local the best decision.

We continue to innovate the industry by offering new products and the latest in hospitality trends. Cold-brew, office snacks, cold drinks, water filtration, nitro pours, single cup…the list goes on and the possibilities are endless. Working together with the ideas of our clients and the passions of our staff, we can meet your needs.